Accepted posters

The following posters will be presented during the online poster session on Discord.

Poster numberPresenterTitle
1Francesca AzzoliniHeritability curve: A local measure of heritability in family models
2Laura GarrisonInteractive Hierarchical Data Exploration through Dimensional Bundling
3Yilin DuConvolutional neural network & jet images
4Mehdi ElahiEnhanced Movie Recommendation Incorporating Visual Features
5Christiane DuschaProbing atmospheric convection in a local valley system - A data-driven approach combining Eulerian and Lagrangian observations
6Julia RomanowskaDiving into registry data: enhancing epidemiology with bioinformatics and experiments
7Hyeongji KimMeasuring Adversarial Robustness using a Voronoi-Epsilon Adversary
8Pierre GillotScalable Bayesian Network Structure Learning via Maximum Acyclic Subgraph
9Berent LundeInfluence-adjusted gradient boosting
10Francine SchevenhovenImproving weather and climate predictions by supermodeling
11Erlend Raa VågsetRepresenting Homology Geometrically: Algorithms and Complexity
12Hauke BartschA Home for AI Solutions Inside the Hospital - The Research Information System of the Western Norway Regional Health Authority
13Juraj PalenikIso-Contour Tracing for Parameter Space Analysis of Atmospheric Convection Model
15Marta EideCentre for Digital Life Norway (DLN2.0) facilitates transdisciplinary research, innovation, and education in Life Science
16Pooja JoshiArtificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Addressing the challenges in context of economic feasibility
17Yuchong ZhangHuman-centred Machine Learning for Maritime Decision Support Systems